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Play Misty for Me

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Sorry for the lack of updates. A combination of personal issues and non-interesting project tasks prevented me from posting as often as I'd like.

On the personal side, my older sister Sherry recently passed away from brain cancer, and that sort of spun me for a loop, and I took time to go to the memorial service, etc.

The project is moving along fairly well, although one of our main programmers is in the hospital right now, so we are hoping he gets better soon.

The artwork is coming into the game, including the boned animations, which already look tons better than the old .md2 stuff.

Last weekend I put in ground mist that responds to entities moving through it. Right now I'm using a heightfield-based approach similar to the liquid system, but will be porting it over to the physics hardware soon.

I just made a change today to prevent the mist from going too high or low and intersecting the terrain or static objects.

Here is a shot of the mist hugging a pillar. It won't flow above the lip of the pillar base anymore, which looks much better than intersecting it.

Some of the other tasks I've done since my last update were to fix .csv loading problems, expand the use of the facet system, give entiites real inventory, including functioning weapons. I added some new particle systems, including fountain-like water and flowing poison gas.

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Sorry to hear about your sister and other setbacks for the project [sad]

.. But it's good to see things are still moving forwards still! Is that lizard/dinosaur in the first two images a new player?


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Extremely sorry to hear about your sister. It's a huge impact to loose a family member and I'm suprised you still can keep up with your own projects.

One of my friends' mom passed away from cancer and she was a wreck for a month or two. Anyway, just wanted to say keep it up!

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