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EasyShots 2.1

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I just released an update for EasyShots
it is now version 2.1

I did a few cool things with it which I'm pretty happy about, I added a small toolbar that when you enable it it's 'always on top' and gives you shortcuts to capture screenshots, this has two new things, first is that it gives you the ability to take a screenshot of an area of the screen, the second is that it gives you a small stopwatch to take a timed shot.

The other cool features are in the "preview" window, which is now called "edit" window. You can crop, rotate or flip screenshots, and either save them out to a file, or update the screenshot list with your changes.

In other news, tomorrow I start delving into writing a BSP renderer for the PocketPC, this is gonna be so much fun =)

Time for bed (it's 6am.... heh). Cya!
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