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First post

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Here we are with YAFPMS - yet another first person multiplayer shooter =).

We are a small team of 3 persons developing engine, levels, characters etc.(1 programmer, 1 3d modeler, 1 gfx artist) to do a multiplayer tactical shooter

Soon more to come...including some videos
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Recommended Comments

Wow, looks cool and..... :)

Welcome to Journal land! here be some + as customary gift to get ya started!.

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That is one damn good way to start a journal off. Welcome to journal land and keep up the good work. You get a nice big ++ for your efforts.

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Nice way to start off your journal, I'll definately have to check back for more details on that in future. Welcome to journal-land, as they say.

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Looks great!

I tried out SARGE a while ago and was quite entertained. Will it by any change be implemented into this system?

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Thank you for positive welcome :)

@Rob Loach: yes i am on it to put it in.

I was browsing the net and per accident i found all these interesting journals, so we decided to share our development-experiences too ;)

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