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Stompy needs food badly!

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I want to first state that I haven't fixed the life bar yet, but I probably will soon.

Now comes an important part of the game: power-ups.

All power-ups will be dropped by enemies, which I imagine will be the hardest part of the whole thing to code. Power-ups include health, 1-ups, and weapon upgrades. Weapon upgrades will be things like rapid fire, spreadshot, and rockets.

I had origionally planned for the rocket to be able to blow up tiles in the level, but this would screw up other parts of the game, so sadly I can't do that. For instance, if you were to destroy the tile that a guard type enemy was standing on, this would cause the enemy to be stuck and turning around constantly. I've always wanted to have some sort of destructive weapon like that, so maybe I'll still try and make it be able to destroy tiles.
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Remember, you should be able to punch trash cans and have fully cooked turkeys fall out.

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I just noticed that in the following screenshot, the bottom right enemy appears to be above the boxes (closer to the camera) when he should really appear below (behind) the boxes:

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Ravuya: Ahhh, beat-em-up logic. I only played Streets of Rage, but those trash cans still dropped fully cooked ham and chicken. Might actually be a good idea to have something similar in Stompy, like shooting a trash can drops health.

Rob Loach: Yeah, thanks for pointing that one out. All enemies in the game are drawn after the tiles, sadly, this includes the window robots. I have seen many bugs like this since I created that enemy, but always fixed them before posting a screenshot. If I'm not exact with where to put them, it breaks the illusion that they're in the window. I'll go back and fix that one though, just don't be suprised if you see it in later development screenshots of the game.

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If you want my opinion, the easiest solution to that is to make your map two layered. You could draw the base layer of tiles, then the enemys and player, then the front layer (like the boxes, trash can possesing meat, etc...). Wouldnt be all that hard.

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