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Gp2x and GTL

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So, after getting the GTL to compile and moaning about the lack of 16bit bitmaps I had a shifty at the docs again and discovered a 24bit colour mode!

So, with a bit of help from the minimal library and a blitter function of my own making I worked on making a program to throw something onto the screen..

which kinda worked in the end, but not after a slight fight..

1) All shell scripts need to be in unix format
Yep, just throwing something into notepad and saving it to right extension doesnt work, you infact end up with a nice black screen and a reboot required. So, for the win32 dev'er a copy of dos2unix is a must!

2) USD/SD syncing issues.
Turns out, just disconnecting the GP2x via its menu doesnt sync things properly, you end up with ghost files until you reboot the machine.
Unmounting the device in windows helps this however.

3) When building GTL check that you dont have any of the bloody test source files compiled in as well, as this leads to sillyness and hides another problem in that apprently I suck at using make files..

While I'm using a VS05 workspace to build GTL, I figured for small test apps I might as well learn how to use makefiles as well, why not?

Turns out I suck at them as I foolishly forgot to include the object files into the file executable file!
I didnt spot this for ages as I was dealing with the GTL issue and that had a 'main' function in it, once I'd fixed that I was baffled by the lack of main being defined for a while [grin]
In the end, looking at another example makefile clued me in to how I was being foolish and all was well.

A compile, copy and run later and yes, something has appeared on the screen, huzzah!
However, its a bit of a mess, heh, so I need to work on that, but it does appear that GTL works on the GP2x, so rock on! [grin]

It also proves I can write blitter routines... kinda. I've probably just got some memory hoping wrong or something, mostly because the routines I grabbed were for 15bbp images, not 24bbp, so I probably need to mong the data differently...
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