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Ah, framebuffer, how you taunt me so..

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So, it all becomes clear, the default framebuffer setup is indeed 16bbp, so while the gfx controller can be reprogrammed to output 24bbp the framebuffer only has 16bbp allocated for use, thus the lower 1/3 of the screen is gibberish as we cant clear or access it and the controller just draws random memory.

System log output :

Initalising mini system...
Screen size : 230400
Bit Per Pixel : 24
GP2X minimal library v0.B by rlyeh, (c) 2005.
Physical memory address : 51384320
Length of video memory : 153600
line length : 640Physical memory address : 54005760
Length of video memory : 153600
line length : 640Loading texture...
Image width :64
Image height :64
Entering main loop system...

So, I think my next trick is going to be reserving two lumps of memory and constructing my own buffers to use and by passing the linux framebuffer...

Progress++; [grin]
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not yet, i'm using printf/cout and redirected i/o to log to text files (thus my script problems from an earlier entry), its slow going but it does the job and you can read the txt files on device which is handy.

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