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Next Article - Choose your own Adventure

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Ok, I'm itching to do another article/tutorial, but I've got a few topics in mind and not much time to do all of them. So I want you to select a topic you'd like to see covered.
  1. Java Linux Serial I/O
  2. Nagios on FreeBSD
  3. Creating a COM DLL In-proc server using C++
  4. Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  5. Neurosurgery for Dummies (asked for by vx.n)
  6. How much better Washu is.

To vote leave a comment to this post. Your rating matters for this :) So if 1 person with 2000 votes Nagios and 2 people with 900 each vote Ruby, then Nagios wins.

Offical Results are in!!!

Results HERE

Edit2: Clarification: Changed Win COM text to be more accurate to what I mean.

Edit3: New Rule about AP's. Since I cannot tell who the AP is, how ever the AP votes at the close of ballot will be where the 950 points will be placed.

Edit4: Shifting user ratings, I will be loading this page at midnight EST (not PST) on Friday. From that snapshot I'll build user ratings for the final offical standings.
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Recommended Comments

Doing a COM object in straight C++ with no ATL or MFC (yes, I'm a sadist, and yes I have a good reason for being interested in that...)

Failing that... definitely neurosurgery. Or nuclear weapons manufacturing, but They might not appreciate that.

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I change my name and vote for the COM thingy again.

I do this 26 times.

Actually, y'know, being subtle and sneaky is just too much work: I blatantly **** up the voting. George Bush now wins two elections back to back. Option COM wins.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


May the tentacles take those who do not vote for Washu!

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Since my part-time hobby is, in fact, neurosurgery using dummy robots controlled by ruby, accessed through a COM DLL, interfaced with both Linux and FreeBSD terminals, I'm going to have to see an article about how much better Washu is, because it's the only thing on the list that I'm not completely knowledgeable about already. ;)

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Im gonna go ahead and say 6, just because I want to see you sit down and write an article about why washu is better :)

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