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Oh, It's on now.

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So I'm currently taking CS510: Image Computation (formerly Computer Graphics) where the first assignment is to build a ray-tracer. Now I have a friend who has already taken the class, who's ray-tracer worked, but apparently not very well. So he challenged me to see who could build the better ray-tracer by the end of the semester, and he won't use his old one. Now at first this doesn't really seem fair, him having taken the class and written a ray-tracer before, and really it isn't, but the stakes are low (something about pop), and he's giving me a 5 point advantage (not sure how he's gonna get the professor to grade his, being that he's not in the class, but whatever). So it looks like I have my work cut out for me, wish me luck.

He has no chance to survive, make his time.

PS. I restarted Squarediana, which wasn't a huge undertaking because I'm still using the SnakeEngine etc, but now it's better set up for becomming a finished game someday, but that is of course going slow thanks to school.

PPS. As far as my TA stuff goes, so far it's going OK, but unfortunately there are twice (literally) as many students in the class as last semester! This makes grading take twice as long, which means I will be going way over my paid time if I do it all myself. Fortunately the Prof. has already mentioned that we can hire a grader if necessary, and it will be. Even then it will be difficult to keep up on my classes. Oh well, as long as I make everything as hard on myself as possible everything will be ok.
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Dude I have no shot of taking you. Your ray tracer is beautiful and my classes and research have decided to mount a multiple attack on me. Of course we know my skills with last minute amazing finishes. . .so we'll see!

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