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AoE 3 is too much fun!

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Oh man... It's been a while since I've had a really bad game addiction. (The last one was with Wolfenstein: ET, and ended up in me joining a clan and writing a 200 page strategy guide. :ohnoes:) AoE3 is such a fun game, but I finally managed to kick the addiction. I have really weak eyes though so even for a few days after I stopped playing, I wasn't very productive because my eyes were really strained.

So... what have I been doing. I've been doing a lot of recruiting for Hero of Allacrost actually. Found a couple of awesome artists, right now trying to find a good programmer who knows Lua to help out with data/scripting engine.

I've also been reading more of ShaderX, but reading that is like trudging through mud for me, compared to reading most other books. The first part of it is just basic fluffy intro to shaders, but once it gets to the explanations of each technique, the material becomes pretty dense, and sometimes everything isn't explained in as much detail as I'd like. Hopefully as I do it more it'll get easier.

Oh yeah... I also ordered ShaderX 2 and GPU Gems 2 online for $4.90 each. (!!!) There were also a couple of other books that the same seller was offering for that price, but when I ordered them I got an e-mail saying they were all sold out. (d'oh)
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I didn't know you worked for EL, dude! Rock on.
Also, where did you get those book prices? That is unbelieveable.

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Hey Corey :) Well, I just volunteered very recently, just working on my 1st task.

For those books... Well, I visit this site every couple of days and keep my eye on book prices:

This way I can usually get stuff at 70-90% off. The $4.90 deals were REALLY rare though, I doubt those will come again any time soon, hehe... Just crossing my fingers that shaderx2 and gpu gems 2 don't turn out to be "unavailable" like the others.

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Noooooooo!! Looks like they were cancelled (unavailable) after all. D'oh, guess those prices were too good to be true.

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