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Today some more info about the project.

We are using Lightwave for modeling levels and for modeling and animating characters.
3D engine uses directx9.0. Compiler is Visual Studio 2005.

We use lightmaps for lighting but dynamic objects are planed to have stencil volume shadows.
Lightmaps are calculated with Lightwave too.


Textured level:

Imported together in engine:

Today i finished the shaders for different surface types(bump, spec and bump + spec combined)
Main Problem was to have more than 2 lights make visible bumps and specular-effects. Pixelshader 2.0 have not much space to do this or to do just loops, so i made 2 versions. Now i detect which shaderversion is available and if 3.0 is available lighting is much nicer and many lights affect look of the texture[smile]
This is a first video. Running through a level.

Next thing to do is inserting bots to have a real game [wink]
First i will insert animated characters with changing armor and weapons and different moving-types(run/walk/crawl...). Some of them are finished and need "just" to be animated with our sdk.

Plan is to have a "bot-map" to know where bots are allowed to run in a map and where to find cover and let them react nice. If they get on fire they should find cover for example.

btw, sorry if my english is not perfect all the time but my first language is german [totally]
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