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No luck for me at Slamdance

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Well, I'm back from Slamdance and I managed to take home the award for... umm... well they didn't hurl sharp objects at me while giving out the awards, so I suppose that's a victory.

I would like to congratulate the developers who actually managed to win something.

Facade an interactive story with an Amazing AI that was Best in Show.

N an extremely fun flash game that had some exceptional physics with a minimalist approach to graphics took the audience award.

Rumble Box took the best student game physics or something like that. They probably would have won "Most Addictive Game" if that award existed.

Here's a list of all the games in the competition, they're all a lot of fun:

Epoch Star (I'm such a loser)
Cloud As artistic as it is fun. Great sound and art in this game.
DISAFFECTED! A humorous look at life as a Kinkos employee
Guardians of Kelthas An online card game that pushes beyond the bounds of what an annalog card game can accomplish.
Joboo's Gems A highly addictive casual game where you match gem colors as they fall.
Narbacular Drop A First Person Adventure Game.
Ocular Link A surreal adventure game where you are an eyeball that uses a paintbrush to cast spells on enemy eyeballs, kidneys, and other attacking organs... The authors swear that there were no chemical enhancements used in the process of game design.
Wildlife Tycoon - Venture Africa A great God Game where your goal is to create certain animal populations. As you create the animals they begin to attack and kill each other in a surprisingly non-violent way that is extremely entertaining.
Whom the Telling Changed Another interactive game with a great story line. This one is all text so it's old school.

I think that's everybody. The games were all great and it was fun to meet and discuss the games with the developers.
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That sucks that ES didn't make it, but look on the bright side, at least you didn't et beat by crappy games.

I've never heard of slamdance before, what did it take to enter?

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