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Teh Test!

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Oh, wow. That was certainly an hour of my life that I'm glad I spent. :)

Tonight I hosted the game for my three primary testers -- Dean, Alex and CJ -- to engage in some combat with and iron out bugs. I finished implementing guns, and then today added health/death and respawning. Sounds small, but this was a lot of work!

We endured some odd bugs; most of them likely the product of me not having reliable UDP implemented yet. But things went quite swimmingly. Surpringly, I didn't own them all as badly as I thought I would. Here's some screens I took:

(Muzzle flashes need to be realigned :P)

(Owning them all with my Almach Hardpistol!)

(Agh. Bitter defeat..)

Hopefully we'll have the public test ready for Friday evening (EST)!
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Yeah It was tons of fun. Hope to see you guys at the first public test! If it's on friday or the weekend. We'll be trying to get as many people as we can so bring your family, and friends!

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@Sir Sapo: Hopefully you can join us for the next pubtest. :)

@SSG: Get on MSN more often then! :P

@Scott C: Wrote it in Delphi, a Pascal-èsque language. Thanks for the positive comment.

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