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Wednesday Weekly Words [ 11:47pm CST ]

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So after waiting in line for nearly an hour I finally had a chance to see the good ole President of the U.S on Monday. It was an outstanding experience and it was a pleasure to be in the same room with the man to hear him speak to a crowd of nearly 10 thousand. Though I am not highly supportive of his ideas, I do respect the man and the challenges that he faces in attempts to make this world a better place to live. This is my point of view, so please no coments flaming how Bush lied and he deserves to be exiled or something. Leave that to the anti-bush websites.

His speech was fairly unique considering his trips around the nation has kind of taken a change in pace with how he is presenting/defending himself with him opening up to listen to everybody that has burning questions. His speech was noted as perhaps one of the longest speeches he has given, and is the longest time he has devoted to question/answer time with audience members. Anybody and everybody could ask him a question out in the audience and it even went so far as to somebody asking him if he had seen 'Brokeback Mountain'. He laughed and said, "Hadn't seen it". ;oP

You can check out everything here if you desire. The speech was on "Decision Making" - Link to Speech

Other than that great stuff, I've dived back into coding down at my level with 2D programming with SDL. I have the goal, just trying work torward it with my own skill and not somebody elses code. Which has to be great practice. Someone needs to loan me a brainlike sponge. ;)

If you dislike the journal postings, dont fret, there are many more to look at with Game Dev communication. Someday this one will have something worth comenting on and until then, let the crappy entries remain. ;)

Peace everybody and have a great weekend
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