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Making Good on Threats

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The hour of dread is finally at hand! Draft one of Digging the Ultimate Sandbox is now posted for you to pick apart and violently disagree with. It's in Word format, partly because I am an evil Microsoft drone, and partly because the GDNet+ webspace won't let me upload RTF files, and the idea of ZIPping a 50KB document just to let you non-drones read it in a portable format makes every bone of my lazy body absolutely tingle with complacency. (In the interests of being nice, and fighting The Man, I plan to do a manual HTML conversion when the writing process is done. It's just far too much work to do that for a rough draft.)

This is the first of my iterations, so it is still very rough, disjointed, and verbose. If anyone has anything interesting to say about it (more importantly, if anyone can survive reading it) I'd enjoy the opportunity to factor your feedback into further revisions.

And now, being 2:40 AM and roughly three hours later than I would like it to be, I'm going to bed. Two more days of my evil job, and I'm home free!
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