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People == suck

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Man, people suck (as the title implies)! First, I came to the conclusion that Antisheep (the supposed composer) isnt working on TimeKilla anymore, considering I havent talked to him since we came to the conclusion that he would be working on it. Second, I work hard as hell for my pittyful ratings, then I got mass rated down because I told someone creating a game that pratice will make them better (WTF is up with that?!?). Third, I got an e-mail today from good old Simon telling me that he was not who he was claiming to be, he was actuially 16 years old and doesent know how to make video game art. Wow (not all people but from the people ive seen latley) people suck!
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You should consider yourself happy. At least you got some answers! Sometimes i feel like speaking to a wall. Are developpers a special category or are all the people like that ?

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indeed, game development is certainly not cake, and the people part certainly not the least of the woes =/

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More than likely, you were rated down for that specific post. Rather, somebody read something in the post history that they didn't like, or just some Joe that felt like being sadistic. Either way, you shouldn't let something as irrelevant as your rating get you down. It's a fictional number that in many cases doesn't give an accurate display of how helpful a person is. Not quite as potent as your character's Cha rating. ;)

Sorry to hear about your teammate loses. Prepare to be disappointed a lot in game development; especially when relying on other people in projects over the 'net. What I've done is simply found one other person I know I could rely on (in this case, a very good IRL friend who has a knack for art/music) and kept with him through all of my projects. It's about finding someone you trust, has some skills, and of course shares the same passion for game development as you. Certainly a tall order, but you can do it!

Good luck! (And pop on MSN more often!)

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