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Brief Update

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While plugging in the USB sync cable on my new Treo 650, my motherboard and/or CPU mysteriously and instantly died.

Luckily, I had just bought a new pc a couple of days ago, so only only lost a couple of hours worth of work, but I lost more hours just setting up visual studio, etc. all over again.

Man, computers really suck at times...

Here is a shot of the new temple level, this time by a real artist - no more programmer art!

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I'm quite pleased with VStudio'05 - was lightening fast by comparison to '02 and '03 I had before. I had '02 on CD when it first came out - took over two hours to install the thing [wow]

I like the look of the new temple:


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The temple looks pretty cool. But I have to say it's inconsistent with the skydome. I know ... I'm being pedantic ;)

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Yes, FReY, you are right. Another of my artists has just created one that matches better, and it does make a large difference. I think with the new skydome, there is very little public domain or programmer art in this level - except for some of the particle systems like smoke, and the water.

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Holy shit. That looks so much better than your previous screenshots that I'm surprised it's the same game.

No offense, of course, but wow.

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