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The coolest graphic...EVER...

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The life bar is complete:

I don't know why, but I just think that is the coolest little graphic ever. The best part is, when the player's health gets low, the little stompy face there turns angry.

Ok, next I'll get started with implementing some items.

Here is a design question I wanted to ask here, because I can't decide which way would work better in the game. And who better to ask then those who will actually play it?

Anyways, suppose that whenever you pick up a weapon in the game, it last for a certain amount of time before you revert back to the normal weapon. Here is my question:

If you already are using a weapon and it hasn't worn off yet, should you be able to pick up another one to replace it? Or should you not be able to pick another one until that weapon has worn off?
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Maybe the player should have a "pick-up/use" button, so they can choose what type of weapon they want to use.

Looks great BTW!

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That probably will work well. It pretty much falls in the middle of the issue, allowing the player to choose during the game.


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Press <spacebar> to pickup this weapon

Seconded. Just like Halo ;)

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No way!

Make it so that I can hit 1-5 number buttons to switch weapons, and don't make them go away until they run out of ammo.

That would so rule. :)

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