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Farewell..... until Tuesday

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Well this is going to be may last post until Tuesday, I've got to go up to Santa Fe for a big swim meet (I'm one-tenth of a second from a state qualifying time), and then it's off to San Antonio, TX for some Military Child thing that I was selected for. So when I get back I expect 10+ comments to answer[wink]

Anyways, I wasn't able to get much done today, other than fix a wierd crash bug ( I don't even know what was wrong, I just rewrote the problem code), and implement a targeting radius thing that tells you the range of your selected ship's weapons. It's the thick red line around the selected ship on the left of the screen. I also was able to throw Mark's sidebar design in, and start outputting the selected ship's variables, which makes it alot easier to test the battle formulas. Unfortunately, the current font had to be made by hand by yours truly, so the numbers sort of ruin the coolness of the sidebar.

Mark drew up some replacement Asteroids for my crappy "chicken nuggets", but unfortunately, I don't have it right now, so you'll have to look at my crappy 'roids for at least one more screenshot.

The next item on my checklist is writing the tile animation code, which I already started, but never finished. Hopefully when that is finished the game field will have a lot more depth to it, what with the spinning asteroids and glowing ship engines.

Anyways, here's todays screen, let us know what you guys think about the sidebar, and anything else in general.

Alright guys, I'll write up a new post when I get back on Tuesday. Peace Out!
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