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Sphere Games site rebirth

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Ok, don't get excited, it hasn't happened yet... hehe, but I've been planning it a lot lately, and I'm trying to juggle many different projects that I have currently in development. There's the 3D pocket PC engine that's coming along nicely, we already have MD2's loading and animating (in wireframe), I'm real close to getting the BSP renderer to work, at least in wireframe, I know the tree is being properly processed and rendered, but the current rasterizer is barfing at so much data...

I'm working on a new XP tool, I don't want to release any details about it yet because it's very early, and I haven't worked on it much.

It's been a rather busy week and I'm taking a short trip next week, so I won't get much done.

Anyway, about the site redesign, my main idea is to change the style of the page a little bit, I want to make it more development oriented in the sense that I want to help the community by writing howto's and small articles (as well as some in-depth tutorials), so I want to develop a small framework, in PHP in which I can easily upload a new howto or article in one shot, or incrementally and then hit a "publish now" button.. or I may just do it the old way and write them offline then post them, perhaps using some blogging software.

I think it would be something fun to do, and hopefully useful for beginner and possible more advanced programmers.

I have many other ideas for the site, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. This is something I will do, I'm just not sure how soon, my plan is to design it well right now and then use any free time or time when I need a break from programming to implement this.
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