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Okay so after a journey deep into the heart of transformation matrices I've managed to get the entity system to render with respect to the actual camera.

I also have entity placement mind the terrain they are placed on, and camera positioning raises with terrain as well.

There is also another feature I discovered which is very exciting, so exciting I am keeping it under wraps for now until I develop it further. This feature if it proves flexible could add lots of life to the game environment for virtually no effort.

The next step is to wrap up this functionality into high-level script calls so Mr. ildave1 can access it=)

The polygonal hills are alive with the sound of PCM waveforms:

So I also took a stab at getting music into the game. I reconstituted our streaming code from Flare3, however instead of driving it off a multimedia timer, I am making use of the game-loop. So far it is going well, I have encapsulated the playing of music into a MusicStream object.

And what about sound effects? Oh man the audio system we are planning to do for S3 makes my blood boil, it's gonna be great =)

We will stream sound effects as well, like we did in MW, but we will use a buffer pool, offering 8 to 16 (not sure how many we really need) channels of simultanious audio. when a sound effect is played a free buffer is aquired, configured to stream from the audio file, and it's spatial properties are set.

We will be using 3D audio buffers for sound effects, this will add to the depth of the game. We will also be utilizing environment simulation reverb, so each area specifies what kind of environment it is. This will add to the content richness of scenes at no additional charge to the development phase.
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As long as you get another musician like the one who worked on MW, i'll be happy. The audio was fannnttasstic.

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Looking good. You must however adjust your terrain textures, raise both the saturation and brightness to make them integrate better with your 2D elements (which look great!).

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I don't understand why you don't just go with full 3d objects, with a fixed perspective camera like what you have now.

It's looking pretty good now, but I think you're going to run into a few problems when you start trying to project 2d shadows on a 3d landscape.

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Looks pretty cool, I can't wait to see more objects.
Ooh and Congrats on the PC GameZone review, I just read it.

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Is there anyway that you could make the trees look for like they're in the ground? Maybe it's just the straight line at the bottom with the dirt.

Damn my video card not supporting vertex buffers.

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