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Firing Squad!

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Greetings my excellent friends. Man, it's been a long and productive month for PD (my cool acronym for Primal Damage :). Artists are going to start working on the temple level the first week of February, until then here's what I've been working on:

1) Basic map save/load code done
2) All resources now reside in external XML resource file
3) Implemented a basic sky system
4) Gun now attached to camera in FPS view
5) Bot highlights
6) Implemented audio and SFX engine
7) Ugly-ass loading screen (hey, better than staring at blank screen!)

Here's two screens I took this morning. The game is a lot more far off than what you're seeing here, just thought they were cool looking!

Definitely hope to have screens of the temple level probably middle of February!

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Haha, I KNEW someone was going to ask about that! I haven't actually implemented the aiming system yet, actually going to do that today and post another screenshot :)

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