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Random Babbling

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Ahhh, its been a while yes...

So, still working on my engine on my spare time, its gone thru so many changes, I wouldnt be surpriced if I finish it at the same time Duke Nukem is released, stupid real life work wont let me code the engine as much as I want [sad], nor can I work on The Mapper much either, which is why it is lagging, but NOT dead!.

I saw the trailer for Silent Hill, one of my top five favorite franchises of all time, of course, having been ripped off too many times I am skeptical about whether it will be good or not, nowadays, I just asume a game movie or a movie game are not work watching, BUT the trailer for this one looks good enought.

No idea why Harry had a sex change though, and no idea where the 1/2 a second flock of zombies in the open street seen in the trailer comes from, but well, we'll see if they get my $3.20 (going to the movies is cheap here!).

Anyway, go back to coding!
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