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Design doc done, on to the engine

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I'm back for the next round. After scrapping no fewer than 3 designs I opted to go with a condensed version that will act like a basic blue print. As the game design will be somewhat flexible I am going to try (key word try) to force myself to adhere as closely to the document as possible. I also realized that I don't have enough heads up of my crazy life to determine time frames for each segment of production. I will be forced to give myself deadlines per segment instead of in the outline form I originally wanted. Since they are fictitious deadlines I think I'll survive. *on a side note, anyone else ran into this issue and/or have a better solution?*

Now to the engine. I am giving myself 2 months to get the base engine running and interfacing with LUA scripts. I don't think it will take 2 months but I'll be out of the country for a month of that sometime in the middle. As soon as I get something to show I'll start posting some screens. *cracks knuckles* Here we go . . .
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Thanks for the link. I think you may have a point. I gave my doc enough details to get a general overview of what I want but I didn't put enough details to completely cover every detail.

What I was thinking was segmenting it into workable chunks. First the engine, then the scripting, then graphics, sound, etc. . .

Hmmm, maybe I should take a step back and try to pin point exactly what I am doing. Yea, thanks for the advice!

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