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No real update

In responce to
You know, you named the locations pretty well. I mean, nothing beats.. uh.. *grabs Eragon and leafs through to the map... which requires almost no leafing to get to...* Nothing beats the name Uru'baen. (I hope I got that/spelled that right, cause I remembered it before I even grabbed the book)

Yes, a lot of what I say is pointless, and pointless is a lot of what I say. ;)

(I'm annoying, aren't I? *serious: * I think you're doing great on the game so far. :D)

EDIT: Oh, and surprisingly, the map slightly resembles the map of Middle Earth in LotR... See, Mordor was on the lower-r9ight corner of the map, and I believe there was a sea to its east..

EDIT 2: And holy woah, there's even resemblances to the map of Alagaesia!

Umm yeah there is, I've told you which books we are inspired by.

The Hobbit and LOTR series
DragonRiders of Pern
and we are reading more books, but of course it's a good 50/50 relationship

Actually less than that, asside from the Map, the word Dwarf, and the Dragon Rider thing, everything else is of our own creation, it's quite a tale, I wish I could post it online.

Resemblance is nothing, no ideas are truely original anymore, plus this isn't a book, it's a game.
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Well, all you had told me (over IRC) was that you were inspired by those books, and I don't think you mentioned exactly what it was that the books affected. Maybe it's just my lack of a good memory? :P

(It's not until I look back on my comment you posted that I realize I must have been half-asleep at the time. O.o)

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The Wheel of Time series was started after JR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and is still being written (on book 11 at the moment). I've read only two of the series and have liked it so far. It's about people who can control the elements and stuff like that.

If you want to see what I was talking about the map, take a look.

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Hmm, try every fantacy map... ever =)

[Resumes almost finishing reading Eragon for the second time]

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