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Made some decent progress since yesterday. Performace is a bit low right now, partly due to the new boned meshes not having a proper bounding sphere.

This was causing the shadow frusta to be made too large, which was causing the whole level to be rendered to a shadow map in some cases. Just fixed that, but I want to verify my frusta, so tonight I will put in code to draw a frustum for the shadow maps.

I've actually put in several debug shaders lately, and made a toggle key to switch through them.

Right now I have diffuse, bump map, ambient occlusion, sunlight occlusion, ambient only, normals, binormals and tangents.

I fixed a perf & memory bug that was making my per-light index buffers ineffectual. Now the index buffers properly only include triangles that are at least properly lit wrt a light. This saves fill & makes culling tighter at some memory cost.

Here the attenuation is turned off, so you can see which tris got drawn.

I've been adjusting the lighting on the levels, and got a better matching skybox from one of the artists into the mountain temple level. Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure.

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The penultimate shot - pink_sunset.jpg is just, amazing [oh]

Really looks a lot better with the new skydome.

One question though - you say you've got debug shaders in for tangent/normal/binormal visualization? May I ask how you've implemented those?

Luckily nothings broken such that I need to debug it, but I was thinking about writing up a few utility functions that take a mesh and visualize the TBN axis' as line lists from each vertex. Hadn't thought about using a shader.


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I actually just use a line list for each vertex. The two points are the vertex position and the vertex position plus the vector. That seems to work pretty good, and you can still see the normal shading to compare what the vectors have to do with whatever problem you are seeing.

Although it still requires two rendering passes, it seems to not really affect performance. I am interested in hearing what Sim is doing though.

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I just output them as colors. Been doing it for years, so it's fairly intuitive for me...

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Congrats, much better skydome!

Your journal is on my regular reading list, so it's nice to see things are really shaping up ;)

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