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Ha! I didn't forget to post!

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I just realized I almost missed my daily journal update, so here it is! (act excited[grin])

As I mentioned in the last entry, my origional plan for weapons was to have them be temporary powerups that dissapear after a short period of time. If you've ever played Smash TV, than you should know what I'm talking about (Or at least, that's how I think it worked in Smash TV).

I thought about it again today, and I realized that it would just be easier and alot better if I made a FPS style weapon system. Basically, this means that you'll be able to carry and switch between all the weapons. I realized this when I thought about how I would actually code this system, realizing that being able to keep an inventory of weapons will be easier and simply alot better in the game. This will also allow me to make a new graphic for each weapon, as it should be.

So next I actually have to implement this beast that is the weapon system. I suspect it will probably be one of the hardest parts of the game to code, simply because first I have to go back and rip apart all my code for shooting.

Well, wish me luck...
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