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Some screenshots

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In the last few days I worked a lot at my side project.
Right now, I am working at the "display base" thing, and "build new building" stuff.
I have two screenshots for you, which are work in progress, with my 1337 art. Please note that my bad art is done like that on purpose, so the text in some places is not very visible. I am doing that to test various colors, backgrounds, etc.
When I will use real artwork, rather than stupid mockups, I will get rid of the alpha blended windows in the base view, and have an actual approperiate background for the text.
Colors and fonts are subjects for change.
The base info thingy does not display everything yet, just a few stuff so that I can get a better idea on how much space I have, etc.
Ok, so now after all those disclaimers, here are the wonderfully cool (j/k) screenshots:

Base View (buildings not placed yet, they will be placed in the middle upper area that is currently white.

New building placement menu.
Note how the right middle display area changes from the standard base buttons to an info field about the structure under the mouse. The colors are:
Almost white means a building that cna be built now.
White is as above, but slected with the mouse.
Grey is a building you lack the money to build.
Red means that building requires some other building first that you don't have built in that base.

The map thin in the top right corner shows a zommed portion of the earth map where the base is (the base is in/near the center, but decided not to display it as a dot there). It is basically to give you an idea where your base is, in case you have like 15 bases.

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If by the time I finish it I don't find an artist, I will release the game with the programmer art :D

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Some good progress, and some of the best graphics I've seen in a long time :P hehe.

But actually its the functionality that counts anyhow not the graphics. Its coming along nicely.

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Well, the functionality is nice and stuff, but no one in their right mind would play a game with such art :)
So I'll still have to find someone to do the artwork :)

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