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Particle Beginnings

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Well, I've begun the trek to making my first OGL game called TicTacToeOGL.
After hours of forgetting to set the projection and trying to figure out why nothing was displaying, I finally made some triangles jump around. Growing pains hurt! This is for some effects I wanted for the TicTacToe game, so I'm fiddling first. It works pretty well for a beginner I guess.

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LOL, yeah it does. Dang this OGL state machine and all the functions. I gotta write down a list of which things in OGL I need to do. I'm trying to put it into classes, but I forget to call my methods.

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I'm just getting back into programming opengl myself and have had some of the same problems. I constantly find myself consulting the red book, which is now my best friend. (I know I should get out more, but atleast this friend doesn't get drunk and puke on my shoes.)

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Pay no attention to missiles and ship battalions Daerax. It's just training manuevers. Ya, that's the ticket! Training manuevers. Like a neural network, you know, training manuevers... yeah... yeah...wahoooooo!

DecipherOne, I am using the book, "Beginning OpenGL for Game Programming" which I could easily shorten to "Beginning OpenGL" since there is not really any game programming in the book really, though it does show you the OpenGL ropes pretty well. It got really cut down at the end and this is evident because it takes a "just look at the code, you'll figure it out" attitude. However, I do have "More OpenGL for Game Programming" which I will begin reading today. Then I need to go back and do the exercises. What I need (and these books should provide) is a nice little diagram showing common states to set before you do certain operations. Right now I have to sift through the book to find stuff and it's not that fun. But the bright side is, the books I have do a little exotic dance for my entertainment when it starts to get late.

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The redbook is the best source I've found for showing which sets to state and what not, you can find it online too which is very convient, no flipping pages, although some people are reserved about using computer documentation for various reasons.

Here's a link OpenGL RedBook

It has really helped me alot, I also have variuos other references such as OpenGl Game Programming, which is good, but the red book answers a lot of the questions that other beginning books have left unanswered for me, give it a gander and see what you think.

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