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It's gone 3D!

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I seem to have confused people as to whether this game project is 2D or 3D. So I decided to make it 3D - just to keep it simple.

The above screenshot shows a second tileset that I made last night. Nothing hugely special and the placements are still completely random - I'm just using it to test the effects rendering.

So the new part is the wireframe boxes you can see. It might not be immediately obvious from the screenshot, but they're all hovering above the ground on one of 6 levels.

The gameplay will involve jumping from platform to platform in order to collect things*. The player will be able to fall off and mis-jump making it harder, and I'll probably make it so that some of the platforms either break or move when you jump on them.

Which leads me to the next phase I think. I need an editor. I've got the internal architecture sorted - but so far the placement of tiles/blocks is entirely random. When I get time I'll run off a copy of the code I've got now and slap a GUI on the front so that you can actually make some playable levels. Seems a bit pointless to move on to the actual gameplay side of things until I've sorted out a world to actually play in.

* still undecided what things
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I love the lighting.

slap a GUI on the front

haha! that's how i think of it too.

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