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Today was a huge success, productivity wise, for Project I and a giant leap showing us exactly how great of an experience this Adventure will be for our players. One of our major goals are bringing a huge sense of immersion, making a player feel like they are truely a part of a valued adventure, by providing a exciting and unique adventure.

We have pretty much thrown down the dirt and laid the path that details exactly how the first portion of the game will be played. We have yet to set a solid amount of parts but it is likely to be around 6.

So what can I spill... The game will revolve around quite a few areas, that said the first one that you will experience is an Island by the name of "Culoco Island". Here you will undoubtably find yourself indulged into a massive tropical atmoshere with many bright and colorfull experiences. Your adventure will take you all around this island meeting many individuals along your way and gathering precious items to use in a humorous way. You'll find yourself chuckling quite a few times. I've created a concept drawing of what the Island may look like; by no means does it mean that is will actually look exactly like it at this stage. Before you say anything, no, this is not my idea of "Bright" colors. :)

Another thing that I have been working on is adapting an "Adventure" language into the game. I'll speak more about it at a later date.

Take care all
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