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And so ends another GD London Meet

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Ah, another good day in London was had by all I feel, well apart from the pub and food places being full or closed [grin]

However, we ended up in a pretty good pub which did a decent pie, I repeated my Stake and Ale pie experiment from last time and I was pleased by the pie quality..

A LOT of talking got done, many things got discussed and tequlia got snorted.. which was just odd [grin]

I took along the GP2x to show people, however in a moment of dumbness I forgot to revert my test program (which currently blits an image to the screen and then floats another image on top colour keyed to make it see thru) to a working version and thus didnt have anything to show of mine, apart from a blur 7sec MMS video I'd sent someone the night before..

In keeping with my good ideas while in a toilet, while in the pub I hit apon the idea of calling my GP2x stuff either "Project Bonsai" or the "Bonsai Engine", both of which are pretty cool names, heh

Also came up with an intresting idea about point sprites with OpenGL. The major problem is they clip on the points center location, which when they are big is very noticeable, however when they get further away they are ofcourse very small, so that got me wondering, would they work well as a LOD scheme? So, at a certain distance you switch from quads to point sprites. You reduce your per vertex load by 3/4 and you might not notice the clipping.
Its an idea I might look into at some point in the future..

All in all, another top day, nice to meet those I did before again and to see some new faces in the crowd.. hopefully by the next meet I will have something GP2x related to show [grin]

oh, and Superpig : 15468546879845138984616546561789464646134184641356145
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I missed it! I got there ~3.25PM because I had been waiting for someone and then. [sad]. The ticket costed £24 too.

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Yes, Yess, Lets Meet!
evolutional came all the way from Leeds
certainly it wasnt to count not but beads
Also Id like, to enjoy with you all, pies of meat.

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