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I've done a little more investigation into GDC. It turns out that it actually doesn't overlap my end of term - there's a week between the two. This is a problem for me, as it moves me back from "definitely can't go" into the undecided area again.

First is the question of how I get there and how I get back. San Jose airport doesn't accept flights from the UK, so I will have to fly in to somewhere else and then change flights (or get a coach or something if I fly into San Fransisco). Given that I'm currently booked onto a flight to Denver on the 1st of April, I've asked my dad to check into whether it could be shifted back a couple of weeks - flying into Denver and then changing to a flight to San Jose is plausible. He's not optimistic about it; we may not be able to cancel or reschedule the flight without losing the payment and having to start afresh.

Then there's accommodation. Many of the hotels are already sold out, and I expect that those which are left would not be cheap. My best bet would probably be to room with someone - not sure who that would be or how much it would cost in that situation.

Then there's the week after GDC. No matter what, I'm going to be in Denver on April 1st/2nd with my family for a holiday, so either I fly back home after GDC and then fly back out again (which seems a little silly), or I try and find accommodation / occupation in San Jose for a week. I know there are some people in the area that I'd love to hang out with - our glorious leader, amongst others - but I won't have a car and I'd hate to impose myself on someone for a full week. I'm also not sure what I'd get up to for that week - what's fun to do in San Jose?

And of course, all this is subject to a deadline - February 15th, I think.

In other news, the London meet went fairly well. There was quite a lot of unnecessary traipsing as the places we'd originally decided to try and spend time at - Wagamamas and the Porterhouse Bar - were too full to seat all ten of us in acceptable time. Next time I need to remember to try and reserve at each venue, especially given that our numbers seem to be growing by a couple of people with each event. Still, we did manage to do a fair amount of sitting and drinking, and there were pies (though sadly, no mash and gravy like last time). I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I'd have liked - seemed like I was just getting into quite an interesting conversation with csarridge and boruki when it was decided that people needed to start getting home. Oh well.. next time [smile]
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can't you just go on tour for a week? I don't know my US geography that well - but how many interesting places are there between San Jose and Denver? Could just do the tourist thing and stop off at each place on your way over to meet the family?


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those "greyhound" buses (or whatever they're called). A few people I know have been travelling that way. Just go from place-to-place via the buses.

Or, you could just walk/run. Probably take you a week if you keep up a steady pace. It's only 926 miles.


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Guest Anonymous Poster


I know your post is a little old, but I sort of stumbled on it and I thought I'd just mention...I live in Silicon Valley between San Jose and San Francisco, and there are many people who commute between the two every day...they just take the commuter train which runs all up and down the penninsula between the two cities. http://caltrain.com/

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