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Not gone away, you know...

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Sorry I haven't been updating much lately, but to be honest I haven't made much progress on anything.

The most of my time these last few weeks were spent preparing for my college final exam. I also had a project due up the same day (last Friday). The exam should hopefully be ok (aside from graphical theory boring me numb for much of the week) and while OpenGL and I have something of a mutual dislike, I have the basics of what was required for my project done.

Craptacular, eh? The specifics of the project was to model a basic "robot" character, give him independently moveable parts, create a few of them and pose them in a scene. What I got was one character with severe skeletal problems in a skybox. Which is close enough...

Although, while I didn't get to understand OGL as much as I might have liked, I did manage to take the chance to play with some of the features of C++. All of the individual parts are structs, nd I even tried to play with pointers, and failed miserably when it came to pointer operations. Oh well, just more reading to do...

So thats college out of the way until September (hopefully), whats the plan now?

I'm still working full time, and have just registered myself some webspace so I'll be getting to work on getting that up and running. The installer of course is still underway, as are my somewhat neglected forays into XUL. But I'm still working away, so hopefully I'll have more for you soon.
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That actually looks pretty cool, kind of like abstract cel shading. If you had some kind of over-aggressive antialiasing algorithm blurring out the edges you could make a really neat looking game out of it.

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Hehe... Here comes the embarassing bit...

What you see there is a skybox sized 50.0f textured with a 64*64 Paint drawn bitmap. The "robot" is a series of primitive shapes, and isn't supposed to be coloured at all [grin] I have no idea how it turned out green...

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College work too priority during the week I'm afraid Rob, so not a lot done this week. I have some basic versions of the XML handeling classes laid down for the builder, which I want to have finished and unit tested by the end of the week. Hopefully I should have more for you then.

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