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Well, as I have been going along with documentation quite well, I have found that others have not. In trying to get mp3 support (purely from a testing standpoint) for one App I was working on I found that I completely despise sdl_sound and smpeg... no documentation whatsoever...

Now to see if I can get sdl_mixer working with smpeg instead... I really should just use ogg vorbis instead...
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SDL_mixer is reasonably nicer to work with then SDL_sound.... My advice though is to stay away from MP3 support because SDL_mixer doesn't officially support it.

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Thanks Rob, SDL_mixer was where I was heading after looking through far too many source files and finally realising that there was much better support for SDL_mixer than SDL_sound. As for skipping MP3, that would defeat the purpose... Unless of course you know of a good free mp3->ogg converter.

Thanks for the feedback though.

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Sweet I could use an OggVorbis converter too since T2D doesn't like MP3s. Plus don't you technically have to pay a license fee for using MP3's anyways? I forget the legal details but I think I heard something once about it.

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