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Before I succumb to the forces of the unknown..

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a quick update...

We have a textured, animated MD2 character running on the PocketPC.

It looks great, needs to be optimized, but it's awesome.

I'm currently writing a better architecture, currently the demo we have is written in structured C (because it's my friend's strong language), while I'm taking that porting it into an OO architecture and optimizing everything I can.

We also have a very simple terrain.

All in all it's going real well. Here's a real quick checklist of what we currently have:

- Some 2D UI elements, window, text box, button, fonts
- Animated 2D sprites (I'd say 75% done)
- MD2 animated character support
- Z-buffered, textured polygon rendering, solid rendering & wireframe
- fixed point math library (including matrix & vectors)

Coming up:

- BSP level rendering
- Lights

All that, plus I found a sweet Serenity theme for my PPC. So I'm pretty happy.

Ok, time to go to sleep.
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