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SDL_Mixer and WinLame saved my life...

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Gotta love SDL_Mixer for ease of use and documentation.

Great place to start and Where to get the stuff

Wasn't too difficult to rebuild the sdl_mixer libraries, just a matter of adding the right include and lib directories for SDL, then for building the project remembering multi-threaded dll's settings. Yay for Google
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Thanks for the mixer tutorials. I'm binding it to GMScript and have realised that I have NO IDEA how Mixer works! :)

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One thing I have found is that with two streamed oggs, you cannot crossfade between them as they seem to occupy the same channel or something (or the Fade In function just opens the new stream over the top of the old). So this means that the oggs have to both be loaded into Mix_Chunk's instead of Mix_Music's to get it working (which can cause some lag for larger oggs).

Still, was quite a neat bit of Mixage I found out last night [grin]. I may write a short tutorial on using Oggs in game for music and sound effects.

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