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Keep it goin....

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Rob Loach


I've been incredibly busy lately with school and projects it's actually not that funny. The only thing that keeps me going lately is the Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack, simply amazing music. Today's topic of discussion is...

Game Scripting Language (GSL)

I've been interested in working with OpenGL for 2D game development for quite a while now and only just recently decided to try it out. I was also interested in developing an interface where it would be extremely easy to create games from some simple scripting along with XML. So I started up a simple project named Game Scripting Language (or GSL for short).

It's written in C# using the Tao Framework and I only started it last week. So far you can create a new OpenGL window (using GLFW via Tao.Glfw), load multiple textures in an object oriented interface (DevIL via Tao.DevIl) and then display them with ortho projection. I'm planning on implementing PhysFS for zip loading as well as keeping it as Mono-compatible as possible.

Random Interest

Rather interesting video about the Chipmunks.
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Well well, that looks really interesting so far. Can't wait to see what kind of magic you brew with GSL. Keep it up!


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