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Diet, Day -1



Day: -1
Weight: 114k / 250.8
Exercise: 0
BM: Not today TY
Sleep: 5h
Sins: infinite...

Well, this is day 0 of my diet. Time to say goodbye to those Coca Colas while playing WoW, or those Pizzas when there is nothing to eat around the house.

People reacted very sensibly to my post here regarding my dietary plans. How would you react to someone else explaining their crazy schemes to lose weight? Well... I hop e I'm not crazy, and I hope I'll lose weight.

If I'm smart enough to code a 3D engine alone, develop a self-suficient roaming robot and a distributed processing Artificial Intelligence to go with it, then perhaps I'm smart enough to figure out why there are certain things in my life I can't control... or perhaps that's exactly the catch. You aren't supposed to control everything in your life, or you won't have time to have one!

So another thread on GameDev, by me, that has nothing to do with GameDev, hum? Well, I would argue it has, in a very twisted, very personal sort of way. This is another step in my life to get some sort of control over my very-wasted time. I do waste a lot of time on shit of no importance whatsoever. Again, all of this revolves around one word: discipline! If I can use that time to some useful purpose, then all the things I've been promesing myself and others will finally get done...

If I can get this diet to work, I'll have proven myself I can control my urges and impulses, and for a fleeting moment, I'll have risen above the flesh. I'm also quite sure I'll end crashing down in a very humiliating way, but hopefuly by then I'll have acomplished something.

I'm starting my own company, that revolves around designing browser-based eficiency solutions. Between that, a fulltime job, exercising daily, and all, I'll need maximum self-control to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of my body... or die trying...

I also intend on taking up meditation again, before sleeping. I remember it helping me a lot on maintaining a clear mind.

I am a Monk!

Place your bets!

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