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The not so minigun...

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Newest screenie:

Yes, Stompy is holding a minigun, and yes, he is holding it with one hand. He's just cool that way. The game now allows for switching between two weapons, pistol and minigun. I'm working on some more weapons, such as shotguns, rockets, etc.

I had set aside an hour today to work on the game. My main goal was to get the shotgun weapon working, which I didn't.

However, I spent most of the time fixing bugs in the memory freeing code. I found that I was in fact not freeing memory allocated for enemies at all, much to my suprise. That major bug is fixed now, so after that I built a little utility into the game itself that helps me create the maps. Since I had only about 10 minutes left, I worked more on the design of level one, adding enemies such as the ones in the screenshot.

I should have a screenshot of the shotgun weapon tomorrow.
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Stompy is holding a minigun, and yes, he is holding it with one hand. He's just cool that way

Heh, that's exactly what I thought when I saw the screenshot, almost word for word.

The game looks like it's coming along very nicely!

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Yes, Stompy is a rookie cop on the edge who doesn't play by the rules. Except he isn't a cop (or maybe he is, I haven't decided yet).

About duel wielding, when I think about it, it is entirely possible to have duel wielding in the game. In fact, the hardest part would simply be making the graphic itself.

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