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Climate Control

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I've been meaning to add an entry into my development journal for sometime now, the last two weeks or so, but every time I end up spending too much time reading other people's journals, and then I end up getting sucked into my coding endeavors, which, isn't a bad thing.

So, I've been doing a lot of coding recently and making some good progress on my game engine. The more I put into the more I realize that there is a bunch of shit left to do. Over the last month though, I decided on all the api's that I'm going to be using for everything. I also have added a base object class, a camera class (with basic functionality, turning, moving, strafing) which is derived from the base object class, some utility functions, such as setting colors for drawing with a simple call like SetColor("wheat"); for support of all familiar colors , added bitmap font support for drawing in 3d and 2d, and texture loading, and all of this stuff has been done within the last week. The hardest stuff has really been learing the different api calls, and then structuring them in an object oriented way, but it's been really educational. I've realized that really up until recently I have really been a procedural programmer, not utilizing the advantages that C++ has to offer, but no more. I'll post some screen shots in my next update.

I've also been working on redesigning some of my game ideas still, and concentrating on writing out full design documents, however I've not been working on that as much lately as I've been coding a lot.

I'll start school in two weeks as well. I'm going for an associates in Programming from Baker College which is an internet degree program and I'm very excited to get back in school, between that and working full time though, I'm not sure how much free time I'll have for working on my personal projects, so I'm trying to get as much done as possible before then. Well work calls so, I'm off.
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