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Gang War Progress

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It's been a while since the last update...I've been changing the game around a lot. Multiplayer is shaping up, I'm just about finished with it.

Bandwidth looks like it will be at about 9kb/s worst case to sync 50 gang members per client (x 6 clients per server, serverside bandwidth) so you'll need a decent connection to host a 6 person 50 gang member game. Though I havn't been able to test that many yet, the most I've done is 5 on the LAN and 3 on the 'net.

Here's some new screenshots, I'll update the journal more often...I feel like I havn't posted a entry in forever :-)

Feedback on these screenshots would be appreciated. I've been playing around with the user interface lately. Let me know what you think....

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I don't know much about multiplayer programming, but sounds good to me [grin]

The screens look good as usual, although I'm not seeing anything hugely new? The coloured beams are player/objective locations?

Keep up the good work - more journal posts please. My daily trawl through the journals hasn't been the same without looking at another batch of your screenshots!


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I like the concept of using dark transparent boxes with round edges. I don't think that the information in the lower right is well presented though. First of all there is the readability problem (it's hard to figure out how much respect one has, dark blue on a dark background is hard to read). Second, this somewhat crucial information (respect, money) is kind of hidden and hard to notice there in the corner. How about presenting the current time in the upper right corner as an image just like WoW does (and show the exact time when hovering above it with the mouse). I haven't gotten any idea what to do with the score, respect and cash though.
What are you going to show in the radar? The bases, the gang members? Have you thought about turning the radar into a minimap? If that's too complicated you might want to simply show the roads in the radar for easier orientation.

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jollyjeffers - will do buddy, I'll get back to posting every day :-)

Rob - You're not an italian gangster in your spare time are you? ;-)

Gaheris - Yea I agree with you on the readability of the respect value...I'm going to do some work on that tonight and I'll post some screens later.

What if I subdivide the area where the text is into 3 or 4 spots(I still need a place for gang size), and give each a subtle colored background color, and make the text all white colored (like the time)? I'll play around with it, see how it looks.

I'm planning on having information "stack up" on the riht side of the screen, for instance your inventory, health, orders, etc. will be displayed in additional boxes, stacked on the "base" one.

Good idea about the radar...I was just planning on displaying enemy gangsters and an arrow (aligned with the character's FOV) to each gang's headquarters. Good idea about the roads, I should do that, I still need to work on building a sense of your surroundings, once you take control of a gangster.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll have an update soon :-)

- Dan

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