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So I've got the map editor as done as it is going to be for the moment. After some consideration I decided not to put in splat-map editing, primarily because photoshop can do the job a heck of a lot better, with it's only lack being a slight loss of WYSIWYG the editor would provide.

The editor still lacks nodes and links but those will be added in time.

The editor now spits out a nice pristine .map xml file, which tonight I will make the engine load. Once that is all set I will move on to nodes and links, and we should start to see a character or two running about.
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I was just doing some brainstorming here...

Wouldn't it be easier to implement a "edit mode" in the actual game so that you don't have to duplicate all that code?

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that was the original intent, however, having all of the UI required for a decent Edit Mode negates that =/ and complicates the engine code.

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Not too mention that when the game scales up, loading a level to do just a little tweak may take longer than it would to fire up a standalone app.

Our designers at EA didn't like tools that require them to load the game (especially cause our loading times were pretty awful), artists on the other hand like *some* of the in-game stuff because it allowed them to see their models as they'll appear in the game, however, for them we rigged up a special level that loaded faster because it wouldn't load a lot of stuff, sounds, AI components and such...

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the most optimal case, would be to implement a system wherein you could edit everything while playing the game, in an edit and continue fashion. but coding that would be an endevour in itself =)

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