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Memory Manager

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Firstly i would like to welcome people back to my jounal, which hasn't been edited in a long time.

2 Reasons:

1) Had alot of uni work to get done, which incidentally has been going better than last year.

2) Had nothing to write about!

So here goes:

I have started work on a memory manager which will be presented to you guys for beta testing some time in the near future. I am still getting to grips with the concepts but my knowledge and prior experience with C++ is already paying dividends. This topic requires full knowledge of the language since it deals with alot of lower level code and syntax horrors.

As you guys may or may not know i have more interest in writing low level code and complex constructs with C++, also complex algorithms, so this is right up my street.

Right now ( 123 am ) i am considering an all nighter to get started on this but i have climbing tomorrow and im kinda stoned so guess i should sleep. I have also been eating cheese which has left me a little queezy.

Ehem, back off the tangent, i will begin work on the manager tomorrow afternoon/evening before my houses new drinking game called the, well, Timesplitters Drinking Game. Original huh?

Well i will be seeing you and check back here for more random garble.

Take care,

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