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We're off to see the wizard

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I've gone and done it; I've booked flights to San Fransisco.

Now I need to start looking at the sessions I want to attend. For some incomprehensible reason CMP don't have a simple day-by-day calendar of all the things that are going on...

For the Monday and Tuesday, it looks like tutorials are the order of the day. I'm not terribly interested in the Serious Games Summit or the Mobile Games stuff; the game design boot camps are more my thing, I think, as the programming sessions don't really interest me that strongly.

In particular I'm eyeing the Game Design Workshop. I own the book that is based on these sessions and have found it incredibly interesting reading - but because I own the book I'm not sure if there'd be much added value in attending the session itself. It's also a two-day tutorial so by taking it I'm locked out of a greater number of alternatives.

The alternatives I'm looking at are to attend either the Creativity Boot Camp or the Emotion Boot Camp on the Monday, and then either the Player-Centric Game Design Workshop or the Microsoft Game Developer Day. (I think it would make sense to attend the more 'interactive' sessions where possible, as it's likely that the powerpoints for less interactive sessions will go up on the web at some point).

That still leaves three days of short sessions to fill, but does anyone have any thoughts so far?
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