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Sphere Games Website

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So, I have a "beta" version of the new Sphere Games website... I guess it's not techincally beta, it's more of a prototype. I'm still debating whether it's in the direction I wan't to go, mainly because I envition it being a lot of work in maintaining it up to date, and writing new tutorials...

If you notice, I tried to keep the ads and things like that to a minimum, but I am interested in making a few extra bucks, it'd be nice to at least make enough to pay for the hosting.

Anyway, you can take a sneak peak here:

Sphere Games Prototype Website

All feedback is appreciated, especially if you hate it.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


the new look is nice, as are your articles. good job sir.

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I looks very nice. My only comment is that all that white made my eyes burn. It could be because i'm tired though.

Anyway, good job!

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That's a good point, I'll look into making a nicer color scheme for it, I didn't pay much attention to that to be honest.

Thanks =)

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