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Intel Graphics and F****ing Students!

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Game Demo
Have been working on the audio sequencing class. This should enable a fair amount of options with regards to dynamic music in game. I hate repetitive music in game, and this should allow for something a little less predictable, but still sounds great. I have had this idea since I played the first Diablo many moons ago, and I got sick of the constant guitar strumming in Tristram...

Real World(tm)
Well, in the title of this entry the F****ing students is actually the 'Flipping' students. All I can say is THANK YOU Intel for your standard Graphics tool install options having Hot Keys enabled... In a domain for a school this is great because Kids can flip their screens whether they know how to or not (accidents happen often) and Teachers have no clue as to what is going on.

Anyway, after doing a bit of registry hacking I have the solution...

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The value is either "Y" or "N". Y for Hotkeys enabled, N for Hotkeys disabled. This stops the students from being able to turn their screen upside down, while in the meantime saving the poor sap who's job it is to run around to each machine in a newly installed lab and disable it manually... Can't believe they didn't just create a Ghost Image and deploy it out instead... It's not like I haven't set up Ghost Console to do that in two clicks anyway :)
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That happened to the PCs at my Uni and it was one of the most irritating few weeks there to date. I met one of the students who thought it was funny to rotate the screens and needless to say the opportunity to smack him upside the head was not wasted.

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I find the following command most amusing when I find such students:

wmic /locale:ms_409 /node:<pc he is on> OS Where Primary=true call Win32Shutdown 12

Even better, I once added it into the logon script for a matching "%username%" and used:

wmic /locale:ms_409 /node:"%computername%" OS Where Primary=true call Win32Shutdown 12

or was it just "shutdown -f -s -t 5".. I can't remember :)

That sorted him out pretty quickly. After a day of having machines shut down whenever he tried to log on he was a little bit more "OK, you are 31337 and I am just a n00b" ;)

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The BOFH lives on I tell you! [evil]

A judicious use of your power for sure [grin].

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Bah, a real BOFH would have wired the ctrl alt and arrow keys to ground out some three-phase into the keyboard.

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I wish I could wire these particular combinations to a high voltage low current source that cause extreme PAIN whenever pressed... That would give me far MORE satisfaction :P

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