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After the last post I've done quite a lot. The silhouette module is now pretty much complete. It won't be easy to get it to go faster except perhaps by implementing it with a vertex shader (which I would like to try at some point).

I've also started homebrew GameBoy Advance development, and I've been surprised by how easy it is to get things up and running on the actual device. It's quite cool to say the least. Unfortunately, the GBA has no 3D hardware, and no 3D API, so after searching the net a bit I decided to learn and program my own 3D software rastizer. Progress for this has been ok. I've got Gouroud shading working correctly. However, my fill algorithm isn't quite correct, so I'm taking out a lot of time to fix that. Hopefully I'll make pictures of this soon.

Lastly, there was a GameDev gathering in London last week. It was quite fun to meet more of the people from the forums. I did take a few pictures (click for larger):

C J W and csarridge

phantom, Sandman and Superpig

phantom, Sandman(without camera) and Superpig

polly, Monder and MarkR

Clockwise starting at bottom left: Boruki, C J W, Superpig, Monder, polly, MarkR, Sandman, Phantom and csarridge with *PIES* in the middle.

Thanks to all of you for a great time, and I hope to do it again soon.
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That looks like a lot of fun, I wish I lived somewhere where there was a game development community... right now, I believe I AM the game development community down here... although I did manage to involve a friend...

And also, me and my friend are currently writing a 3d rasterizer for PocketPC, so I look forward to seeing some shots of your GBA 3D rasterizer.

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Wow, I hadn't noticed, I was awestruck by the size of the beer glasses, I want one (to begin with).

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Orange Juice > *

I do wish there was something like this in my area. I created the GameDev group for my area, but no one has joined, and admittedly, I haven't really promoted it a whole lot. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of people in my area in the first place. Glad everyone had a good time in London thouhg [smile].

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