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January seems to be the month of 'renewal' for me. I just updated my Gdnet+ subscription for another year, recharged my T Mobile prepaid account with 100 USD (and it was a few days too late so I lost my previous minutes), got new shoes, a nice leather jacket..
So much for saving money this year :D

Anyway, while waiting for the EL maps to be fixed and tested on the public test server, I am working at my side project (which is still without a name).
I managed to finish the "add building to base" thing, although there is still some work to be done, such as the allocating works to them so they can actually be finished, and various other things.
I will post some new screenshots soon, perhaps by the end of the week. Of course, I still have no real art, so the game looks like crap. I guess I will have to invest about 1K USD in art, perhaps on the CGtalk forums or something. There is no way I can get quality art for free.
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Zenophobic Defense Network, Z-Net? Heh, just messing around. Games sounds really excited, can't wait.

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It's Xenophobic, not Zenophobic, and if I use X-Net the assholes from whoever owns X-Com now might sue, given the fact that the games are in a way similar and the name would be similar too.

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Hey you have T-Mobile as well...except I hate their network here in Chicago, I get cut off more times then I can count. Its getting better though.

Also who is good at saving money? hehe I know I try and then I end up doing things like wrecking my car :(.

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The cellphone networks in US suck, really bad. In Europe, they treat you like a company would treat a good customer. Here, on the other hand, they treat you like you don't even exist.
Thats why I don't want to get a monthly subscription to any network. However, I had Virgin Mobile prepaid and AT&T prepaid, and I must say that T Mobile is better than both. I am with them for more than a year, and never had major problems.

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Hey look I have some user rantings now :) I feel special. Helping someone convert delphi to c helped boost my rating 20 points hehe.

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