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Turn timer, new game modes

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Tuesday, Jan 31

W00t, got the turn timer working to satisfction and have the code all in for two additional game modes: Domination mode has each player placing 15, 30, 45 or 60 planets on the board per game and then declaring a winner based on who has the most planets on the board at the end of the game. Although really I think it should be who controls the most systems (map squares) because then people aren't just plopping down peices atop each other to build up their count. Hrm, you know what? I'm going to change it to just count systems, since it already counts systems controlled and planets placed seperate. My designer might throw a fit but at least I'll have it in there in case I somehow win the argument [wink]. The other mode, Equilibrium, tracks score based on discovering special systems, using special systems, placing planets and (most importantly) taking over other player's planets. It's called Equilibrium because when you take over another player's planets you take away points from them. The more points they have the more you take away. This forces people, or at least gives motivation, to go after the higher-scoring players. The player with the most points afetr placing so many planets (same counts as for Domination) wins. Of course in both game modes if one person manages to eliminate all other people on the board than they win by Conquest, which is a default win scenario in all the game types.

But I still have some debugging to do with the game play code in regards to the new game types. After that it's Imperialism and then Blitzkreig and I'll be well on my way to being set. Looking good for that mid-Feb milestone...

See yas
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