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Diet: Day 1

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Day: 1
Weight: 114k / 250.8
Exercise: 0
BMs: Not today TY
Sleep: 7h
Sins: none so far

OK, someone give me some sugar fast! Cravings are high, but one good thing is that I haven't been hungry all day. Started the day off with some yogurt and a banana. Then around 11am, some orange juice, and now for luch, the soup and an apple. My mid-afternoon snack will be a pear, and then when I get home I'll see what I'll do next.

Let's hope I can fight off the craving and remains satisfied throughout the day. That would be a good sign for things to come...

Keeping the Faith!
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Good job man, keep at it, it's hard at first to get into a new behavior pattern, but just keep in mind the sense of urgency for the need to change. There was a book written by the Dali Lama called The Art of Happiness, it really helped me to develop some important insights into ways of helping me change some negative patterns in my own life. It may be worth checking out.

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I second that book. I've listened to it on tape and really enjoyed the life philosophy.

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You seem to be doing ok. Make sure your getting enough to eat! Definitely no less than 1400 calories. Based on your diet posted so far, you might be skirting that amount. Maybe you got a big(ger) dinner.

That much fruit should kill those sugar cravings, too.

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